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  • ER Dental Cases on Rise, No Place to Cure Tooth Decay

    Think of why people wind up in the emergency room and you may conjure heart attacks, broken limbs or pneumonia, but according to the latest information from the American College of Emergency Physician Foundation toothaches are a common reason.


  • Toddler Diet, Not Brushing Secret, to Preventing Decay

    It’s an alarming trend in the United States, Canada and Australia -- our youngest children are suffering from a significant rise in tooth decay - some severe enough to “require” surgery under general anesthesia.


  • Fluoride: A Toxic Waste, Part 1

    Take fluoride for example.


  • No Myth: Alzheimer’s and “Silver” Fillings

    Alzheimer’s disease has risen to frightening numbers and takes a terrible social and economic toll. One in eight older Americans has it and its estimated 2012 costs are around $200 billion.


  • The Tremendous Truth: Tuna is Healthy and Safe

    First, let’s talk about what’s undisputedly terrific about tuna.


  • How Lactobacilli Bacteria Prevent Tooth Decay & Oral Thrush

    Most people are usually quite surprised when they are told that antibiotics prescribed by doctors for infections are not selective in the species of bacteria they kill.  Antibiotics kill all species of bacteria in your entire digestive tract, and those colonies of bacteria never fully recover after a round of antibiotics have been prescribed.  In other words, antibiotics are to your intestinal microbiota what a hurricane is to a coastal village.  They wipe out everything in their path, causing irreversible destruction.


  • Tax Dollars Pay for the War on Health Food as Feds Shut Down Amish Dairy Farm

    The FDA has been working for two years at the War on Health Food to shut down an Amish dairy farmer who was selling fresh raw milk to health-conscious individuals in the Washington, D.C. area. This month a judge banned Daniel Allgyer from selling his milk across state lines; customers were informed that the Amish farm would be shut down all together.  While your tax dollars could be paying for ops to shut down meth labs, illegal drug cartels, and the overprescribing of addictive and dangerous prescription narcotics, instead your taxes are going towards shutting down family farms for selling real food to people who consciously choose to purchase and consume it. Raw milk is an important tool in the fight against tooth decay because it provides your body with the precise minerals needed for bone growth and maintenance, calcium and phosphorus.


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