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  • Start a Fluoride Class Action Lawsuit in Your City

    Attorney James Robert Deal at Fluoride Class Action has a brilliant idea. Put your city on notice of its likely legal liabilities for fluoridating your water supply. In Mr. Deal's  letter he notified the city of Seattle of its potential legal liability of $50,000 per fluoride-damaged child. Mr. Deal wrote,


  • Study Shows Many Dentists Aggressively Overtreat

    A journal article review published in the International Dental Journal has found that many dentists are often subjecting patients to unnecessary treatments that are ineffective. The researchers state:


  • Increased Sugar Intake Correlates With Increased Caries Risk

    A study published in Public Health Nutrition investigated the relationship between a person's diet and the prevalence of dental caries. The researchers noted that nutrition is important during the development of the teeth, and the types of foods that are consumed can attribute to higher rates of tooth decay and caries. The researchers found that when sugar consumption is high, there is a greater prevalence of dental caries.


  • The Fluoride Deception

    Fluoride in the Water

    Years ago, phosphate mining companies released byproducts of phosphoric acid production into the air. Because farms in areas around the phosphate mining companies were suffering devastating losses of animals and crops due to fluoride poisoning, the companies found a way to capture toxic fluoride vapors and turn them into liquid chemicals. These hazardous chemicals are now collected and shipped to cities and towns to be released into water supplies. This dumping of toxic chemicals into municipal water supplies is justified by the false idea that this will help prevent cavities. The truth is that fluoride is a toxin, not the helpful, benign element we have been led to believe.


  • The Potato Remedy for Tooth Abscess

    Home remedies and treatments for abscessed teeth are abundant in online forums and groups. A number of things, from oils to mouth rinses and scrubs, have been suggested. One of the suggestions that seems to be somewhat effective for relief from pain and swelling is potato. What exactly does this home remedy recommend? How does potato work? Does it cure the abscess or just relieve the pain? These are the questions I went in search of when I read of this home remedy.


  • Grass-fed Animal Proteins and Fats Are Critical for Health and Development

    A study published in The Journal of Nutrition has shown how critical it is that humans consume a diet that contains animal proteins and fats. By comparing the diet of humans to the diet of apes (the closest living relative to humans), the researchers were able to determine that  humans were able to evolve because we consume a diet that includes meats, while apes consume a diet that mostly comes from plant-based sources.


  • Study Shows Infants Are Affected by Fluoride

    One study, published in The Journal of the American Dental Association, has found that even young infants are being affected by dental fluorosis. Researchers took into account the dental health of infants ages three to nine months, as well as children between the ages of 16 and 36 months. The study focused on infants and toddlers that were fed infant formula and other beverages mixed with fluoridated water.


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