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    ER Dental Cases on Rise, No Place to Cure Tooth Decay

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    Think of why people wind up in the emergency room and you may conjure heart attacks, broken limbs or pneumonia, but according to the latest information from the American College of Emergency Physician Foundation toothaches are a common reason.

    And it’s becoming more common.

    In the United States there are approximately 125 million emergency room visits each year and the number of dental-related cases is growing fastest.

    A February 2012 report entitled A Costly Dental Destination by The Pew Center on the States said that preventable dental conditions were the primary reason for more than 830,000 emergency room visits in the U.S. in 2009, up 16 percent from 2006.

    Although statistics are not available from all states, Pew’s report shares hospital data from 24 showing the frequency and cost of dental-related ER visits, including:

    • California: More than 83,000 emergency visits in 2007 for preventable dental problems
    • North Carolina: More than 69,000 trips to ERs in 2009 due to teeth or jaw disorders
    • Illinois: Nearly 77,000 dental visits to metro Chicago’s hospitals from 2008 to 2011
    • Florida: More than 115,000 dental-related ER cases in 2010
    • New York: A 32 percent increase in emergency treatments for young children with preventable dental problems

    According the Chicago Tribune more than 65,000 Illinois residents went to the ER in 2009 for dental conditions, of which nearly half were determined to be preventable by Pew’s study.

    In California's Central Valley, emergency rooms have seen a five-fold increase in dental-related ER visits. Exacerbating the problem is the fact that the number of dentists who accept the state-funded Medi-cal insurance is dwindling rapidly according to the Fresno Business Journal. People turn to the ER of government funded hospitals as the only place where they can receive dental care of any kind.

     Since the recession struck in 2008 around 130 million Americans have no dental insurance and little to no way of paying out of pocket.

    And when they turn to the ER for dental care they  - or in many cases the government - pay a staggering price - 10 times the cost by most estimates.

    “The country will never drill, fill and extract its way to victory over untreated dental disease,” said William Calnon, president of the American Dental Association in an April 10, 2012 letter to the editor of the New York Times. “A public health system based primarily on surgical intervention in disease that could have easily been prevented is ill conceived and doomed to fail.”

    Tooth decay that goes ignored and the last resort ER visits that all too often follow are preventable. But not in the traditional way conventional dentistry contends.

    In Cure Tooth Decay, author Ramiel Nagel explains how the correct foods and supplements can not only prevent, but even reverse decay.

    He calls modern dentistry is an “unequivocal failure” and says that even though holistic dentists offer LESS toxic alternatives, only a small number offer the REAL CURE - which is found through a diet that balances blood chemistry.


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    Its really true that now most of the people suffering from dental problems. One of the main reason for this is bad dieting habits….

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