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    No Myth: Alzheimer’s and “Silver” Fillings

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    Alzheimer’s disease has risen to frightening numbers and takes a terrible social and economic toll. One in eight older Americans has it and its estimated 2012 costs are around $200 billion.

    According to the Alzheimer’s Association the “mysterious” degenerative disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States and the only one in the top ten that is incurable and “unpreventable.”

    But is that last part true? How can having the world’s second deadliest metal in your mouth in the form of mercury amalgam fillings - just inches from your brain - be safe?

    According to retired University of Kentucky biochemistry Professor Boyd Haley, P.h.D. it is definitely not.

    Ironically, as Haley began his studies, funded by the National Institute for Health, he set out only to test substances’ toxicity levels to the human brain and threw mercury in along with lead and several other metals. He was shocked to discover that three of the main hallmarks of Alzheimer’s are related to mercury exposure and that is the only toxin capable of causing many of the biochemical abnormalities found in the AD brain.

    Understanding that “silver” fillings are not just silver as the dental industry would have you believe, but also not pure mercury, Haley wanted to investigate further how the mercury combines with other metals to synergize and what toxic effect that would have on the brain.

    “One plus one does not equal two, but 10, even 20 in synergy’” said Haley.

    He said that despite overwhelming agreement from fellow scientists that his discovery of mercury as the cause of the Alzheimer’s brain was a “major find,” further funding was cut off and the proven toxic synergy of mercury with other heavy metals has never been considered by the FDA.

    “Politics control our science, not scientists,” added Haley. “The government doesn’t want to know.”

    Backing up Haley’s claims most alarmingly is a Boston College Law School study that found that “a dentist who is found guilty of violating the ADA Code of Ethics can be sentenced, censured, suspended, or expelled from the ADA" and the "ADA forbids its dentists from suggesting mercury removal under threat of license suspension.

    It also stated that state dental associations and disciplinary boards have "not only adopted the ADA's position as a matter of routine,” and stripped anti-amalgam dentists of their licenses in California, Maryland, Arizona, Colorado, and Minnesota, but that "the board members themselves often belonged to the ADA as well.

    Not surprisingly, the $100 billion a year and growing dental industry is stalwart in its claims that mercury amalgam fillings are perfectly safe. This is so much the case that even reputable Alzheimer’s nonprofits call the link a “myth.”

    Why, then, have Sweden and Denmark banned their use? And according to
    Human Rights Europe in March 2011 “the Parliamentary Assembly has warned that the mercury used in some dental fillings may be linked to the development of cancer and the Alzheimer’s aging illness.”
    At a conference on March 23, 2011, the Assembly heard from Marie Grosman, a lecturer in the life and earth science of the Association Toxicologie-Chimie, who said mercury has genotoxic, neurotoxic, immunotoxic, reprotoxic, embryotoxic and endocrine disrupting effects.

    “This substance is considered as one of the greatest causes for concern, and human exposure to it must be limited as far as possible,” Grosman said.

    “There is no risk-free exposure level. Dental mercury is thought to have a role in many pathologies such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, so-called auto-immune disorders, kidney disease, infertility, miscarriages, malformations, oral cancers, cancers of the brain, breast cancer, autism, hyperactivity and growth retardation. Exposure levels must be reduced as far as possible, first and foremost in vulnerable population groups – pregnant women, women of reproductive age and children.”

    Why would the very professionals we trust to care for our dental health put a known toxin in our body without so much as a warning?

    According to Ramiel Nagel, author of Cure Tooth Decay, it’s about the “drill, fill and bill” that blinds conventional dentists with dollar signs.

    “There isn’t much incentive in this system for curing and preventing cavities because without the drilling and filling business model it becomes more of a challenge to turn dentistry into a profitable career,” said Nagel. “Because many alternative dentists are afraid of being sued or losing their license, they don’t want to practice dentistry that is beyond the accepted drilling and filling protocol.”

    What can we do when we realize we are shamefully unprotected by our dentists and our own government?

    Well, we can find holistic ways to avoid the hazards of modern dentistry by reading Cure Tooth Decay.

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