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  • Magical Toothpaste Too Good To Be True

    “…lab tests suggest the [seaweed] microbe’s enzyme cuts through plaque stripping it of bacteria that cause tooth decay.”


  • Sickenly Sweet, Part 3: Saccharine

    If you have perused this site or, even better, read Ramiel Nagel’s Cure Tooth Decay, you know that refined sugar is bad for your teeth not because it “sticks” to them as conventional dentistry would have you believe, but through changes in blood chemistry.


  • ER Dental Cases on Rise, No Place to Cure Tooth Decay

    Think of why people wind up in the emergency room and you may conjure heart attacks, broken limbs or pneumonia, but according to the latest information from the American College of Emergency Physician Foundation toothaches are a common reason.


  • Toddler Diet, Not Brushing Secret, to Preventing Decay

    It’s an alarming trend in the United States, Canada and Australia -- our youngest children are suffering from a significant rise in tooth decay - some severe enough to “require” surgery under general anesthesia.


  • Ditch the Toothpaste

    Most people are trained to believe that optimum dental health comes from properly brushing and flossing on a regular basis. While these are important parts of good hygiene, they are not what helps prevent tooth decay and cavities. Tooth decay occurs as a result from a lack of nutrients and minerals in the body, not as result of bacteria in the mouth.


  • How Did the Ancient Greeks Clean Their Teeth?

    Before the toothbrush was invented, many cultures invented their own ways to clean the teeth. Ancient Greeks and Romans were said to use toothpicks to pick particles of food out of their teeth. Without the use of commercial toothpastes and toothbrushes, the people during this time still managed to maintain optimal dental health. How is this possible? The truth is, the amount of tooth decay a person experiences has little to do with dental hygiene and everything to do with the type of diet you consume.


  • Recommended Gum Cleaning Techniques

    You have probably sat in the dentist’s office and heard instructions on how to clean your mouth efficiently. The technique that is widely recommended is to brush the teeth in a back-and-forth motion; however, this type of brushing actually causes plaque to be pushed into the gum line.


Bebek İsimleri
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