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    Start a Fluoride Class Action Lawsuit in Your City

    Attorney James Robert Deal

    Attorney James Robert Deal at Fluoride Class Action has a brilliant idea. Put your city on notice of its likely legal liabilities for fluoridating your water supply. In Mr. Deal's  letter he notified the city of Seattle of its potential legal liability of $50,000 per fluoride-damaged child. Mr. Deal wrote,

     "The CDC and the EPA in January proposed to lower fluoride added to water from a typical 1.0 ppm down to .7 ppm, a 30% reduction. They did this because the Beltran-Aguilar study, published on the CDC website, showed that 41% of kids aged 12-15 had some level of fluorosis, that 8.6% had moderate fluorosis (brown spots), and that 3.6% had severe fluorosis (brown spots with pitting and chalky teeth). The monetary damages for veneers for these kids would be around $50,000 over the course of their lives. CDC admits liability and admits the number of kids who are permanently marred, making this the perfect class action or mass toxic tort case."

    Fluorosis Defined: Fluoride-Damaged Teeth

    Make no bones about it. Water fluoridation does not prevent cavities; it damages children's teeth and bones. Fluorosis is black or brown stains, or permanent white spots on children's teeth. It happens when the child is exposed to fluoridated water during the time when the tooth is forming from its bud state. Fluoride can cause permanent defects to the teeth, bones and organs of children and babies beginning from the time before conception if the mother or father is consuming fluoridated water. The ingested fluoride creates a state of hypomineralization. Ingested fluoride damages and interferes with the body's ability to make and build normal bone tissue. As a result, the child's tooth enamel can become porous. Fluoride ingested from the water supply changes and affects the biochemical process of tooth enamel formation, which is based upon the minerals of calcium and phosphorus. Because 41% of children in the United States now show the effects of fluoride-damaged teeth (dental fluorosis) the CDC is recommending lowering the dose of fluoride in the water.

    Fluoride Does Not Stop Cavities

    Children have tooth decay because their bodies lack the essential vitamins and minerals needed for healthy teeth and bones. That is why even though approximately 90% of the U.S. population is exposed to fluoridated water, tooth decay is on the rise in young children. The lack of minerals begins at the time before conception and then continues through pregnancy and early childhood. Time and time again, parents have learned how to remineralize their children's teeth with the information in the book, Cure Tooth Decay. An essential part of my tooth remineralization program is that the parents completely eliminate fluoride from their diet and environment. The reason you must avoid fluoride to remineralize teeth is because fluoride is so toxic; it damages the organs in the body needed to support healthy tooth remineralization such as the kidneys, the liver and the hypothalamus-pituitary-thyroid master gland system.

    Fed Up With Fluoride? Start A Fluoride Class Action

    Since fluoridated water does not prevent cavities, and since fluoride is poisonous and is conclusively proven to damage children's teeth, your city is likely now legally liable for damages that result from water fluoridation. But your city has a defense against a fluoride class action lawsuit. They might say things like, "We were just doing our job." Or "We did not know fluoride was so dangerous; nobody told us." Your first step in removing fluoride from your water supply is to put your city on notice for its legal liabilities. With attorney James Deal's permission, I am providing a template version of the letter he sent to the City of Seattle, which you can use for your city.

    Fluoride Class Action Notice --->>>>

    1. Revise this notice yourself, or with your local anti-fluoride coalition.
    2. Hand deliver the revised legal notice to your mayor's office and your city's attorney, and e-mail copies to your city council.
    3. Follow up this letter with an face-to-face meeting to help educate your city's attorney or mayor about their grave mistake in water fluoridation, and how they can protect their city from legal liabilities (and wasted funds) by immediately suspending water fluoridation.

    No longer do you need to wait for someone to stop water fluoridation. Use the legal arm of your city and county to stop the massive poisoning of the public. Notify your city of their fluoride damage legal liability.
    Please comment on what you are doing to stop fluoride in your city.


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