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  • Vegetarians More Likely to Have Dental Erosion

    Many people who consume a vegetarian diet believe that they are healthier, because they are consuming natural foods, such as fruits and vegetables. While many claim that a vegetarian diet is healthier and better for you than other diets, there is evidence that a strictly vegan diet is not as healthy as it may seem, especially when it relates to dental health.


  • Why Vegans Suffer From Tooth Decay



  • Why a Vegan Diet is Bad for Your Dental Health

    The vegan diet is mainly a modern concept, as skulls from our ancestors show that they did not eat large quantities of soft foods, such as fruit. The foods available to our ancestors would not allow a strictly vegan diet, as fresh fruits and vegetables were only available seasonally. Teeth from our ancestors have shown little to no signs of tooth decay, which shows that their diet proved beneficial in maintaining a healthy mouth.


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