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    Are Your Teeth Trying to Tell You Something?

    An interesting report has found that the dental health of an individual plays a large role in showing how physically healthy someone is. The report notes that several studies have been done to find the link between poor dental health and other diseases and medical conditions. The writers noted that,

    "Some of the earliest signs of diabetes, cancer, pregnancy, immune disorders, hormone imbalances and drug issues show up in the gums, teeth and tongue—sometimes long before a patient knows anything is wrong." (Beck) 

    The report notes that there appears to be, "a direct correlation between inflammation in the mouth and inflammation in the body." (Beck) One of the most prevalent conditions that many individuals have, but are not aware of, is diabetes. The paper states that the gums appear shiny and easily bleed in an individual with diabetes, and dentists could likely help many people discover the condition if they played a more active role in helping a person become overall physically healthier. The overall message of the report is that dentists need to be more concerned with a person's overall health, and not just their patient's dental health.

    What could explain a link between poor dental health and poor physical health? Could your teeth really be trying to tell you something more if you suffer from gum disease, tooth decay, or cavities? The truth is that the teeth deteriorate as a response to an imbalanced internal body chemistry, so your teeth really are trying to tell you that something is off within your body.

    When a person consumes a poor diet or a large amount of processed and sugary foods, there is a disruption in blood sugar levels in the body that results in the internal PH balance becoming out of sync. As a result, the body lacks the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, which can then result in calcium being pulled from the teeth and bones. The body needs certain nutrients to stay healthy, and when it lacks those nutrients there is an increased risk of every part of the body being affected.

    Your dental health is linked to your overall physical health, so if you notice cavities or tooth decay, you can be sure that there is an imbalance of your internal body chemistry. While many people believe that germs or bacteria invade the body and cause tooth decay and other diseases, these things are actually the result of the modern way we live, which includes exposure to toxins and a diet that lack the necessary vitamins and minerals we need to be healthy. Therefore, a poor diet that lacks nutrients and exposure to environmental toxins can result in diseases of the body, as well as poor dental health.



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    Photo Credit: Dozenist from Wikimedia Commons public domain

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