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  • The One Thing that Shocks Dentists

    I was recently a featured speaker on Sean Croxton’s Real Food Summit  in which I did a 45-minute presentation on how to cure and prevent tooth decay naturally using diet


  • Diet Recovery: e-Book Review

    Health food blogger and independent health researcher Matt Stone seeks to turn our diet thinking 180 degrees around with his e-book Diet Recovery at


  • Assembly Line Orthodontics Can Damage Faces

    Conventional orthodontics is a racket where faces get ruined as the orthodontist puts patients down a one-size-fits-all profiteering assembly line. I know about this first hand as I was a victim of bad, unnecessary and unhelpful orthodontics. The braces and headgear did not work for me even though my parents shelled out thousands of dollars to fix my crooked teeth and overbite. What was supposed to have been fixed with the orthodontic treatment I received when I was eight to ten years old actually got worse with age. I did not realize that I had had back orthodontics until I was 30 years old and my teeth stopped touching correctly.


  • Pediatric Dentistry – Possible Inadequacies

    The situation becomes especially disheartening when these pediatric dental visits result in fillings, root canals, extractions, or crowns. This view of dental health unfairly shunts the underprivileged and disenfranchised masses that constitute our beloved world. Are their children therefore destined to a life of rampant tooth decay? Not in the slightest! Let us examine why. Some of the points we will discuss are preventative dental visits and procedures, tooth brushing with fluoride toothpaste, and sugary drinks that cause tooth decay due to their local presence in the mouth.


  • Magical Toothpaste Too Good To Be True

    “…lab tests suggest the [seaweed] microbe’s enzyme cuts through plaque stripping it of bacteria that cause tooth decay.”


  • Fluoride: A Toxic Waste, Part 2

    After so many decades of being taught that fluoride is unquestionably a great substance that the human body needs to fight tooth decay, is this even true? While some evidence suggests that applying fluoride directly to the tooth surface can result in some short-term reduction in the rate of decay, no conclusive evidence shows drinking fluoridated water will do the same. And fluoride causes fluorosis - a mottled appearance of the teeth.


  • Sugar Alcohols and Tooth Decay

    There is much confusion surrounding our love affair with all things sweet. One question many ask is whether sugarless or sugar-free foods and beverages are always safe for your teeth.


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