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    Diet Recovery: e-Book Review More and Feel Better?

    Health food blogger and independent health researcher Matt Stone seeks to turn our diet thinking 180 degrees around with his e-book Diet Recovery at

    Matt gives tips and pointers for deciding what to eat based on the idea that if you eat less, your metabolism will slow down.

    In this e-book, the emphasis is on quitting our restrictive dieting and rehabilitating our body from all the past effects of dieting. Basically he wants us to improve the relationship between our body and food.

    How does slow metabolism affect our body? According to Matt, it has a negative impact on our body. It results in low sex hormone production, a reduction in the ability to build muscle tissue and to perform athletically, and muscle tissue can actually be lost. It also contributes to obesity by increasing the appetite and storing food that we eat in fat cells. Real health problems and an overall lack of vitality are due to a slow metabolism. Hence the concept that depriving our body of nourishment is a form of biological stress which can cause you to be unhealthy.

    How Can You Ruin Your Body?

    "If anyone wants to worsen their body composition, all it takes is a low-protein, low-calorie vegan diet and lots of endurance exercise punctuated by long sedentary breaks and junk food binges."

    Matt believes that dieting does you more harm than good because of its focus on restriction can create a negative feedback loop. Conversely Matt recommends trying to overeat to create a positive feedback look. He writes that modest overeating can create "a simple positive feedback system, in which the more you eat, the higher your insulin goes. The higher your insulin goes, the more insulin resistant you become. The more insulin resistant you become the hungrier you get and the more efficiently you store body fat. That‘s the theory. When overfeeding; however, whether it‘s with lots of carbs, lots of fat, or a mixture of the two – it doesn‘t work this way at all. In fact, it is unmistakably a negative feedback system, in which the more you eat above your appetite, and the more sedentary you are to minimize the amount of calories you burn, the more the body fights back against this surplus by:

    • Raising the Metabolism
    • Decreasing hunger
    • Increasing physical energy
    • Increasing the pulse rate
    • Increasing body temperature
    • Increasing the rate of lipolysis (burning fat for energy)"

    Eating more can thus cause a positive reaction.

    Matt recommends more “healthy” carbohydrates, fats and proteins in your diet. His book busts the myths that suggest that all carbs and fats are bad for your body.

    The necessity of carbs, fats and proteins can be assessed by what Matt states: “You can start simply by realizing that your body needs protein, fat and carbohydrates every single second of every single day from the time you are born until you die. Supply them from nutritious sources with religious fervor.”

    He slams the food industry for its continued propaganda against the most important saturated fats and for replacing them with polyunsaturated oils like soybean and safflower. He suggests one should remove all liquid oils from the kitchen. In his words, “Eliminating those (polyunsaturated fats) from your diet and getting most of your fats from fish, red meat, coconut, and dairy products (cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, sour cream – butter is a little too concentrated for many people) while also eating lots of high-resistant starchy foods is a great antidote that may not magically solve everything, but should certainly help you make progress and protect your metabolism from experiencing too much age degradation.”

    Matt denounces dieting in the strongest terms in his e-book. He believes that dieting is the mother of all evils and narrates his own experience of restrictive diets which resulted in him losing fat and muscle and then re-gaining the fat. According to him, you end up eating the food you are not supposed to eat which ultimately leads to serious health issues.

    To get dieting and its effects out of your system, Matt suggests to just let it go and EAT MORE AND TO YOUR HEART’S CONTENT. Do not feel guilty of eating. Just enjoy what you are eating. Matt advises you to eat all those things that you have secretly craved.

    Matt has given a lifestyle plan/protocol in his e-book Diet Recovery which he calls “Rehabilitative Rest & Aggressive Re-Feeding (RRARF)”.

    Before starting he advises you to assess for yourself whether you really need this program. The basic idea of RRARF is to just eat and relax yourself. This plan is for 30 days in which one is supposed to eat as much as one can or a little more.

    Matt has given a diet plan called High Everything Diet (HED) which is comprised of at least 99% wholesome, unrefined unadulterated foods and contains plenty of fat, a lot of carbohydrates, a lot of calories, and sufficient protein. He has also mentioned the sources of these nutrients.

    The e-book Diet Recovery is a complete guide to a healthy lifestyle. Remember to eat more and as Matt sums up beautifully towards the end of his book: “The perfect diet is the one that fits your life!"

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