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    Topical Fluoride Treatments Given to Children Are Not Safe

    Topical fluoride treatment

    A new report reveals that one town in the UK will soon be administering routine fluoride treatments to children. According to the report, the decision was made by the NHS to have children’s “… teeth painted with fluoride varnish to combat high rates of dental decay.”  The report stated that, “Overall, almost one in three Plymouth children aged five surveyed had suffered from tooth decay.” The NHS hopes to combine fluoride treatments with dental health advice about avoiding sugary foods and improving dental hygiene.

    I found this report particularly upsetting due to the fact the fluoride is not as effective or as safe as most people have been led to believe. Fluoride is actually a poisonous substance that has been linked to numerous health problems and even death.  Fluoride affects certain glands in the body, as well as the brain. It has an effect on the bones and teeth in the body, causing them to become brittle and weak. It also causes discoloration of the teeth known as fluorosis.

    Studies have shown a link between hip fractures and fluoridation. This is largely due to the fact that fluoride builds up in the bones. As the levels of fluoride build in the bones, it results in the bones becoming brittle and prone to fractures. Other common side effects from fluoride include gastrointestinal problems, impairment of the kidneys, brain damage and possibly even cancer.

    In one case, a young child died as result of fluoride poisoning after visiting the dentist. The child had received a topical fluoride treatment and the dentist failed to instruct the child to rinse his mouth after the cleaning. The result was devastating and heartbreaking for the family, as the child lapsed into a coma and later died.

    The side effects from fluoride should be enough to prevent mass fluoridation of the public water and routine fluoride treatments in schools, yet some continue to profess its benefits. Many studies have actually shown that fluoride is ineffective. Although some studies say that fluoride applied topically works better than fluoridation of the water, one study has shown that the layer of protection that fluoride is supposed to create is actually much thinner than was once believed. This means it is practically useless in keeping the teeth free from cavities.

    For the children in areas, such as the one in the above report, that are being subjected to topical fluoride treatments, there is a definite risk to their health. The answer as to why the children are suffering from tooth decay and cavities can be understood if we look into the types of foods the children are consuming. The report mentions that the children live in poorer areas, which may make it difficult for the parents to find the right types of food for their children. The result may be that these children often consume sugary foods or inexpensive foods that are highly processed. The parents may not realize that these foods actually cause tooth decay and cavities. If the families were able to acquire the right types of foods—ones with fat-soluble vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients – then the children’s dental health could improve.

    The addition of fluoride treatments will do little to help these children, as fluoride actually inhibits the body’s natural ability to build healthy enamel. The result is enamel that is weaker and possibly discolored. If the body is supplied with the right types of nutrients, it will naturally build healthy enamel and repair cavities.


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    Fluoride is a very effective rat- and cockroach poison and as such is not recommended for human use or consumption.  

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