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    Study Shows That Fatty Acids Prevent Gum Disease

    Fish is rich in vitamins important for your dental health.

    An interesting article was recently published that explained the findings of a study performed by the British Dental Health Foundation. The findings from the report showed that people who consumed higher amounts of fatty acids were less likely to develop certain dental conditions, including gum disease and periodontitis. Chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, Doctor Nigel Carter made a statement regarding his findings.

    He concluded that while most people suffer from gum disease during their life that, “… in this day and age, most people should be able to keep all their teeth for life.” He reported that a simple change in people diet’s “can massively improve the condition of their teeth and gums, which in turn can improve their overall wellbeing.” (Dental Wellness)

    While the article relayed the important findings that prove dental conditions can be improved through diet, it came to the wrong conclusions about why tooth decay occurs in the first place. The article suggest that gum disease is the result of plaque and bacteria along the gum line, which needs to be removed by frequent brushing to maintain optimum dental health. The actual cause of tooth decay is apparent through the study, as it is caused by an imbalance of nutrients in a person’s body due to the types of foods that person consumes. This study proves that certain foods can improve dental health, but it also helps show that unhealthy foods are the cause of gum disease and tooth decay. When a person is exposed to excess sugars and environmental toxins, or if the person lacks certain nutrients in his or her diet, there is a disruption of the natural PH balance in the body. This results in plaque, gum disease and cavities. Advanced gum disease often occurs when the body begins removing nutrients from the gums and transporting them to other parts of the body, such as vital organs.  If the person begins consuming a diet high in the right types of nutrients and minerals, then the natural body chemistry will be restored, and the body will be able to repair cavities and build strong, healthy teeth.

    This study found that people who consumed high levels of fatty acids, such as those found in fish or nuts, were less likely to develop gum disease. The fatty acids and other nutrients that people need to improve their dental health are not only found in fish or nuts. Individuals should include raw grass-fed dairy products, grass-fed meats, and vegetables into their daily diet, as well. These foods all contain the right amount of nutrients that a person needs to prevent and cure tooth decay, gum disease and cavities.


    Dental Wellness (December 22, 2010) Retrieved from:

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