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    The Potato Remedy for Tooth Abscess

    An abscessed tooth is an often painful infection occurring within a tooth and/or the gums. This happens because the tooth itself, or the gum tissue has lost resistance to the forces and potential contaminants that enter the mouth during the process of eating. Pus accumulates in or around the tooth, causing swelling that is often uncomfortable and extremely painful. The pus usually contains white blood cells that are there to fight off a foreign invader such as food or body tissues (not bacteria, as is most often thought). This is the body’s natural defense for fighting inflammation and infection. The swelling and pain from the infection are part of this defense. This is also often the part that leads people to start finding alternative ‘cures’ and ways to relieve pain.

    Home remedies and treatments for abscessed teeth are abundant in online forums and groups. A number of things, from oils to mouth rinses and scrubs, have been suggested. One of the suggestions that seems to be somewhat effective for relief from pain and swelling is potato. What exactly does this home remedy recommend? How does potato work? Does it cure the abscess or just relieve the pain? These are the questions I went in search of when I read of this home remedy.

    The Potato Tooth Abscess Remedy

    The potato remedy for tooth abscess states that a slice of raw, plain, white potato placed against an abscess and left there will help drain the pus and reduce the swelling from the abscess. The remedy claims that the potato should be left on the abscessed area for at least one hour, and could be left on overnight. This process could be done just once, or it could be done as needed. The potato could also be put into a warm poultice (a soft, damp, and usually warm application that often consists of herbs or other substances. The ingredients are placed in between layers of cloth and applied to the irritated area). This gives added heat to help draw out inflammation faster. When the slice of potato is pulled off of the inflamed area, there may be discoloration from the pus that has been drawn out. The swelling should also have reduced significantly. This will often lead to less pain.

    How does the Potato Remedy Work

    Many of the potato remedies that have been passed along do not state why the potato works in these ways. Interestingly, potato does seem to have some mixed properties that can be considered antiseptic and help accelerate healing. The alkaline nature of potato juice tends to have an antiseptic effect on abscesses. It can clean the infected area. The acidic property of the potato pulp will help slough off of dead cells and infected material. These two processes together tend to make potato an effective cleanser for an infected area. Once the area is cleaned and drained, the abscess can be covered for prevention of further irritation.

    A potato’s potassium content also plays a role in healing an abscess. Many people do not realize that the potato has as much potassium (if not more) than a banana peel. The potassium received from a potato can do several things in the body. It creates chemical reactions within cells, and helps regulate nutrient transport to those cells. It also works with magnesium to prevent blood from becoming too acidic; thus, preventing leaching of calcium from the bones. Potassium is also important for proper nerve healing and function. With enough potassium, the nerves and cells can repair and begin to function properly.

    How A Dentist Treats a Tooth Abscess

    Potato can be an effective home treatment for tooth abscess. Typically a dentist will recommend a root canal, or extraction for a tooth abscess. Root canals can have dangerous side effects. The dentist does this because they think that the infection is caused by bacteria. So the focus is to remove the bacteria through surgery. Rather a tooth infection is caused by damaged tooth or gum tissue which can be a result of a poor diet, poor mouth hygiene, or exposure to toxic substances like western drugs and synthetic sugars and bleached flours. Using a potato to treat a tooth abscess won’t address the cause of the abscess. It will only help the body relieve the symptoms.  Some holistic dentists try to treat tooth abscess with homeopathy or lasers. This is potentially a safe treatment.  Acupuncture, cranial work focusing on the TMJ, energy healings, and acupressure can also help relieve tooth abscess naturally.

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  • debfrenette 7:08 pm on March 14, 2012 Permalink

    I was suffering with bone loss around the root of tooth# 16 and had swelling in the gum as the tooth degenerated. This was due to the fact a dentist left glue between my teeth and infection started. I did not realize this for some time.  I wrote to this board for help.  I started the fermented cod liver oil, have been taking VIt K2 for some time. Have been off sugar and most grains  for many years. The swelling continued for weeks I treated it with MMS, ozone oil rubbed in, no toothpaste and other methods. It improved, but not complete.y. In Jan. I read about the potato and decided to try it. WELL! It worked! I put the potato in my mouth overnight and in two nights,  the swelling was history.  I am NOT getting a root canal ever again. I may lose a tooth, but I am firm on this. Try the potato, it really helped me!
    you metioned herbs in this article, I have been searching for the herbs to use without success. Can you tell me where to look?
    Thanks so much for this book and this site! I believe that the cod liver oil and the raw goat milk is helping too!

  • endodontic rotary systems 4:30 am on June 22, 2013 Permalink

    WOW..!! a great home remedy for abcessed tooth. Home remedies are always beneficial as they don’t have any risk of side effects. This one works too. I tried this on my cousin and really he was feeling much better. I never thought that a potato can be so beneficial in such kind of pains which are very much hard to tolerate.  Thank you for this precious advice. 🙂

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