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  • Start a Fluoride Class Action Lawsuit in Your City

    Attorney James Robert Deal at Fluoride Class Action has a brilliant idea. Put your city on notice of its likely legal liabilities for fluoridating your water supply. In Mr. Deal's  letter he notified the city of Seattle of its potential legal liability of $50,000 per fluoride-damaged child. Mr. Deal wrote,


  • The Potato Remedy for Tooth Abscess

    Home remedies and treatments for abscessed teeth are abundant in online forums and groups. A number of things, from oils to mouth rinses and scrubs, have been suggested. One of the suggestions that seems to be somewhat effective for relief from pain and swelling is potato. What exactly does this home remedy recommend? How does potato work? Does it cure the abscess or just relieve the pain? These are the questions I went in search of when I read of this home remedy.


  • Why the Ultimate Mouthwash Won’t Really Cure Tooth Decay

    Researchers have concluded years of testing and are nearing the time when they will release a new mouthwash that has been coined the “ultimate mouthwash.” The mouthwash has been formulated to target the bacteria Streptococcus mutans (S. mutans). A new study, published in Caries Research, found that the mouthwash was effective at killing Streptococcus mutans in the mouth. These findings have led researchers to believe that this new mouthwash may completely “wipe out tooth decay during our lifetime.”


  • Ditch the Toothpaste

    Most people are trained to believe that optimum dental health comes from properly brushing and flossing on a regular basis. While these are important parts of good hygiene, they are not what helps prevent tooth decay and cavities. Tooth decay occurs as a result from a lack of nutrients and minerals in the body, not as result of bacteria in the mouth.


  • Why Are Native American Children Suffering From Tooth Decay?

    A startling report was released earlier this year that showed Native American children in the U.S. and Canada have a higher rate of tooth decay than other children. The researchers compiled data from 2,633 Native American children that were between the ages of two and five. The findings showed that 68 percent of children had cavities, and in some areas, the rate of tooth decay in children was as high as 90 percent. While statements released by physician’s claim this high rate of tooth decay is caused by a lack of proper hygiene and not receiving routine dental care, this is far from the truth.


  • Recommended Gum Cleaning Techniques

    You have probably sat in the dentist’s office and heard instructions on how to clean your mouth efficiently. The technique that is widely recommended is to brush the teeth in a back-and-forth motion; however, this type of brushing actually causes plaque to be pushed into the gum line.


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