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  • Can apples cause tooth decay?

    Researchers concluded that, “ … participants who reported eating apples were 3.7 times more likely to have damage to the dentine layer of tooth below the enamel while participants who consume carbonated drinks such as colas had no additional risk of tooth decay.”  The authors of the study conclude that the reason for the increase of tooth decay is the high acidity levels of the apples, which eroded the dental enamel and caused decay.


  • Native Alaskan Children Have High Rates of Tooth Decay

    A new study has found that children who live in native Alaskan villages have much higher rates of tooth decay than the national average. This government study showed that the children in remote villages of Alaska: “…have rates of tooth decay about four times the national average...” (Reuters)


  • Studies Show Fruit is Not Part of a Healthy Diet

    A study published in the Journal of Human Evolution has shown that fruit is not essential to a healthy diet. This interesting report sheds light on some of the foods our ancestors consumed. Based on findings from researchers, we now know that our ancestors ate a diet that mainly consisted of nuts, vegetables and insects.


  • How the Paleo Diet Can Improve Your Dental Health

    The Paleo Diet mimics the type of nutritional intake before the Agricultural Revolution (500 generations ago). The basic principle of the diet is to avoid processed foods and increase the daily intake of vegetables, fruits, seafood and lean meats. If you are wondering if this type of diet can have a direct impact on your dental health, the answer is yes it can.


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