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  • Fluoride: A Toxic Waste, Part 2

    After so many decades of being taught that fluoride is unquestionably a great substance that the human body needs to fight tooth decay, is this even true? While some evidence suggests that applying fluoride directly to the tooth surface can result in some short-term reduction in the rate of decay, no conclusive evidence shows drinking fluoridated water will do the same. And fluoride causes fluorosis - a mottled appearance of the teeth.


  • Sugar Alcohols and Tooth Decay

    There is much confusion surrounding our love affair with all things sweet. One question many ask is whether sugarless or sugar-free foods and beverages are always safe for your teeth.


  • Mounting Environmental Mercury Concerns – But What About Our Mouths?

    Mounting concerns over the spread of harmful mercury has researchers all over the world embarking on urgent studies of plants and animals. But what about the long overdue studies needed to get an accurate picture of the poisoning caused by mercury fillings still routinely placed in the human mouth?


  • Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic in Children; Dentistry and Tooth Decay

    Many health officials are alarmed at the growing rate of type 2 diabetes in U.S. kids aged 10 to 17 - some are even referring to it as an epidemic.


  • Sickenly Sweet, Part 3: Saccharine

    If you have perused this site or, even better, read Ramiel Nagel’s Cure Tooth Decay, you know that refined sugar is bad for your teeth not because it “sticks” to them as conventional dentistry would have you believe, but through changes in blood chemistry.


  • Tooth Decay Precursor of Metabolic Syndrome?

    Before we examine the dangers of the various artificial sweeteners, let’s take some time to delve further into just what makes excess sugar in our diets so unhealthy.


  • Sugar Feeding Bacteria Do Not Cause Tooth Decay

    For decades we have been taught that sugar causes cavities by sticking to the teeth. I agree with what dentists say. That eating sugar frequently will lead to tooth decay. But it isn't because of the bacteria feeding off of the sugar. It is because of how processed sugar can cause and contribute to disease and imbalance in your body.


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